Arabesque ring (cross aquamarine)

Introducing aquamarine with a cut that has changed to the popular arabesque ring (cross). A cute stone with a cabochon cut on the surface of the emerald cut, giving the ring a cute look. It is very beautiful with a large aquamarine.


* This stone is currently difficult to obtain, so the quantity is limited.

Nos. 11,13,15,17 one by one. Up to 2 pieces can be manufactured in the desired size.

Arabesque ring (cross aquamarine)

  • Material: Silver925, Aquamarine Emerald Cabochon Cut 5 × 7mm)

    Width: up to 8mm

    Thickness: Approximately 1 mm

    Size: No. 7-23

    Shipping: In the case of build-to-order manufacturing, it will be shipped within 14 days after payment is confirmed.

  • -The stone used is a natural stone. We have examined the quality, but there may be inclusions. note that.

    ・ Our silver jewelry is delicately made. Please remove it when you are doing work or sports that require power.

    ・ The color will change with long-term use, so please clean it with a silver polishing cloth.

    ・ Should you experience any metal allergy symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical institution near you.

    -It will be shipped in simple packaging to make it easier to purchase. note that.

    ・ Because it is sold at the same time as other sales outlets, it may be "sold out" even if it is "in stock". In that case, we will manufacture and deliver it as soon as possible. note that.

    ・ We do not accept returns due to customer's convenience such as different size, different image, damaged, etc. Please note that a separate fee will be charged for resizing and repairs.